Thanks for visiting my page!

I have yet to put up anything for sale {I'm working on it!!} but I will put up some things pretty soon! I know i've taken forever on it but I'm working on it! I has to be just right :). I appreciate your support so please leave me comments on here if you have any questions or just to share your thoughts about this.

Anticipate it!

Here's some pictures of what's to come...
Mini Wallets! Perfect for stuffing your credit card, id, and some cash..the essentials. Go out dancing without the hassle of a purse. Run errands, go hangout...be free!!
{Green canvas stenciled with a gold peacock feather & Brown courdory}

{A tote I made with Brown Zebra print canvas & a gold peacock feather printed on it by me.}

For a lot more pictures go check out my flickr photo gallery and click on the Y not Rawr Goods link in the right column.

I hope you love them and thanx for visiting!