A look at some more of my newest creations

Here are some of the newest purses I've made. I've been trying to design more larger purses and totes... I never seem to have enough of them! With these and my next ones, you can see that I am trying to incorporate studs and spikes, but while still having some simpler ones as well.
These purses also have linings that I have printed with the help of my sister! I screen printed peacock feathers on all of the lining fabric to give them more of a handmade feel.

*this brown one is my personal fav :). It has snaps at the side! and here is a look at my printed lining*

With the sudden turn in weather here I am unable to get photos taken of my current creations so that I could post them up for sell in my Etsy shop, but as soon as it clears up and becomes sunny again I hope to have them up! It's about time.... :)